Artist’s Statement

DD“Energy is the basis for my work, the energy that we absorb and emit and that is always present. Energy from the cosmos saturates us, we are made of it. Manifestations of energy as light and sound inform our everyday lives, and our computers, smart phones and televisions provide it in abundance. Energy connects us to one another, to our time and the past. I depict energy deployed behind the scenes and out in front, powering everyone and everything great, small, concrete and virtual.

Color is my proxy for energy and I use it liberally, while line, pattern, grids and multiples maintain order. Thin washes contrast with fat viscous lines and sprayed metallics create shiny parts that accentuate the texture left behind by former images. My constructs share these painterly elements but add the third dimension. They are prototypes for the architecture of self-imagery.

My life has spanned record players, transistor radios, early TV, brick phones, PC’s, the internet, social media and virtual reality. I’m jacked into the energy milieu. I rely upon it. It brings forth sound and images that inform me; connect me to others, and feed my very existence. Art is my way to understand it.”